Balanced-Rehydration for Dry & Wrinkle-prone Skin

About Wrinkle and Hydration Balance


Hydration Balance Scale

*Source: independent research by a reputable university in Seoul, South Korea, 2013 on factors contributing to skin wrinkles.

“Skin Dehydration & Over-hydration are Major Wrinkle-generating Factors.
OILUM Facilitates a Balanced-Rehydration for Dry & Wrinkle-prone Skin”


Skin Dehydration and Over-hydration

The skin natural hydration balance mechanism plays an important role in maintaining the natural healthy texture of the skin. Skin dehydration causes skin structure deformation and less skin elasticity. Skin over-hydration causes the dermal fluid and viscosity imbalances and loosens connection between skin fibers.


In most cases skin dehydration are caused by environmental factors like air-conditioning and UV-Exposure. Efforts to bring in lots of moisture from conventional moisturizers or skin hydrators that exceed the skin ability to maintain its own hydration balance mechanism would cause over-hydration to the skin structure balances (less visible than skin dehydration symptoms). Skin dehydration and over-hydration are both major wrinkle-generating factors.


Oilum works by effectively protecting the dehydrated skin from the environmental factors and facilitating a condition in which the skin natural hydration balance mechanism can take place.

Oilum Hydro-Rebalance lotion is clinically proven to improve skin natural hydration balance