Balanced-Rehydration for Dry & Wrinkle-prone Skin

FAQs on skincare products in general


A responsible company that cares about producing inherently good products would never use preservatives at the expense of people’s well-being, but rather to add more benefit to their products, that is to prevent un-wanted contaminations after the product is open and exposed to the open-air. The possibility of open-air contaminations are mainly due to the air pollutants and also high presence of air-borne microorganisms in countries with high humidity (eg. tropical climate).

Absorption of Active and Non-Active Ingredients

Most ingredients/materials applied topically on skin cannot penetrate the skin unless they are designed to do so. Non-active ingredients in the skincare products mostly would stay on skin surface and be wiped away when we wash our skin. Active Ingredients however, would also need certain conditions/characteristics in order to be absorbed by epidermis (let alone ‘penetrates’ the epidermis). In case of our active ingredients, we do have supporting reference that collagen is absorbed by epidermis if it is given enough time and suitable environment. As Oilum also use Olive Oil (with certain grade and parameters) that enables it to be readily absorbed by the skin and merged with skin’s natural protective acid mantle, we thus provide better vehicle for the collagen to be absorbed by epidermis and along with it the lactic-acid in Oilum Lotion.


Human skin, as part of human body protection mechanism is highly capable to adapt to the environment and climate. It is therefore important to use products that are formulated for and tested in the relevant climate, so not to disturb the balance of the skin’s natural balances and mechanisms.


As far as the science can prove so far, sensitive skin is not a skin type. It is just individual’s reaction to particular ingredients or chemicals. One individual could be sensitive to A material while the other individual is to X material. So that is why there could be no so-called sensitive skin product that is suitable for anybody with sensitive skin. If there was such product then probably it contains mainly of pure water with a little additional of certain ingredients. The important thing for people with sensitive skin is to make sure that the products they use contains safe and non-irritant materials, including the fragrance and colouring.


Too much water would cause skin cells become brittle and adversely disturbing the skin’s hydration balance mechanism. This balance is being maintained naturally by the skin itself and shall not be altered by products that burdens the skin cells with excessive amount of hydrating substances. Using excessive skin hydrator products might look good and give desirable effects but in the long-run may ruin the skin’s natural balance. Some products that are formulated in places with low humidity may not be suitable for use in places with high humidity like in tropical or sub-tropical countries.


Conventional Moisturizers are those that can only fix the symptoms of dry skin without actually helping the skin to regain its natural hydration balance. So people would depend on these products because they relief the symptoms, although there are no additional benefits. They could be marketed so well that look like they give immediate results, visible results(as far as the eyes can see), repairs (although temporarily) and some perceived as suitable to all sensitive skin types.