Balanced-Rehydration for Dry & Wrinkle-prone Skin


"It protects my skin against the air-con and body cleanser's drying effect after shower. It is an effective-action lotion, applying just small amount is sufficient to get the desired effect. My daughter, who has sensitive skin, has no problem using Oilum Lotion. So I also feel safe using Oilum Lotion"

- Khalijah Masud, Fundraiser, Singapore

"Oilum Lotion is a good product that I would recommend to my friends and relatives. It is not sticky, easily absorbed by the skin and help protect my skin against the air-con drying effect. I can feel my skin becoming more supple within a week. Most importantly, I feel that it suits for the Singapore climate"

- Theresa Nicole Lim, HR Practitioner, Singapore

"The moment I use Oilum Lotion, my skin becomes more hydrated, less wrinkles and firmer. It even got brighter after 1 week…and I think it is suitable for Asian skin"

- Yamamoto Yuko, Housewife, Singapore

"Oilum Lotion hydrates my skin quite fast upon application. It repairs my skin texture as it fixed and lessened visible wrinkles within 1 week, made my skin firmer and also more radiant. I can see improvements on my scar-mark as well, it is now less visible. It also sufficiently provides effective protection against air-con drying effect. I like the Oilum Lotion's natural ingredients. I think it is suitable for our climate. I recommend Oilum for those who want to maintain their skin's youthfulness"

- Ng Lee Ying, Teacher, Malaysia

"I like using Oilum Lotion because it is fast absorbing and not sticky. I can feel it immediately hydrates my skin and prevents visible wrinkles quite fast. I saw improvements on my skin's firmness after using Oilum Lotion in just one week. Oilum Lotion also protects my skin against environmental factors like exposure to air-conditioning and dryness caused by regular soap. It is a good product that I think suitable for our climate and I would recommend Oilum Lotion to those who want to protect their skin from drying environment like air-conditioned offices."

- Norshima, Lab Technologist, Malaysia

"Oilum Lotion lessened my skin's fine-lines and made my skin brighter only within 1 week. It really protects my skin against air-con's drying effect and provides long lasting moisturization. I think it is a great product for our climate. It is very suitable for me and I would recommend Oilum Lotion to my friends and relatives"

- Milla Asfia, Business-Owner, Indonesia

"Oilum Lotion hydrates, softens and fixes my skin's fine lines almost instantly. With Oilum Lotion I feel more protected from skin dryness whenever I am in an air-conditioned room. It is a good lotion. Not only lessen skin dryness, it also helps prevent skin aging. It is a good product for those with dry skin"

- Nguyen Thi Bich Quyen, Office Worker, Vietnam

"With Oilum Lotion, my skin has less wrinkles. It is now firmer and brighter. It effectively protects my skin against dryness caused by various environment factors. My skin now feels much more comfortable. I would recommend Oilum Lotion to those working in office or spend more time outdoors"

- Fang Su Qiu, Housewife, Taiwan

"Within a week, Oilum Lotion made my skin become more hydrated and smoother. Oilum Lotion protects my skin against air-conditioning drying effect. My skin condition clearly improves a lot. I am very happy to have used this product and would recommend it to people who wants to have radiant skin, especially Asian ladies"

- He Ling Xin, Accountant, Taiwan

"Oilum Lotion makes my skin more moisturized, less lines, firmer and brighter within 1 week. It is fast absorbing and able to protect my skin from dryness caused by air-conditioning. I think this product is suitable for Asian skin. I would recommend Oilum Lotion to people with normal and dry skin."

- Wu Mei Shan, Accountant, China

"Oilum Lotion makes my skin feel more elastic almost instantly. My skin pores are now less obvious too. It is fast absorbing and able to protect my skin from dryness caused by air-conditioning. I would recommend Oilum Lotion to people with dry skin."

- Xiao Cai Zhen, Import & Export Trade/Service, China