Balanced-Rehydration for Dry & Wrinkle-prone Skin

Why Oilum?



What OILUM Does

What OILUM Doesn’t

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Works through 3 Effective Actions in restoring sustainable skin hydration balance. Provides temporary/unsustainable skin moisture balance.
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1. Improves the environment of the dry skin to a condition that effectively supports the skin re-hydration mechanism.   Ignores the environment of the dry skin that is important for active ingredients and re-hydration mechanism to work effectively.
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2. Maintain the improved environment by protecting the skin from damaging environmental factors without suffocating the skin.   Covers the skin with suffocating substances.
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3. Facilitates the skin in its natural re-hydration and repair mechanism.   Bombs the skin with excessive moisture/hydration effect without care of skin hydration balance.
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Supplements the skin with Collagen & AHA/Lactic Acid that work effectively in the balanced environment to facilitate skin rehydration and rejuvenation process.   Supplements the skin with anti-aging substances which can’t work effectively in imbalanced environment.
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Oilum Lotion improves Skin Natural Hydration Balance within 3 Weeks. Clinically Proven.   Improves/maintain skin moisture only as long as the lotion stays on skin.


Formulated by Dermatologist

Our products are formulated based on the proven dermatological approach and principles laid by the company’s founder, who was a reputable and respected dermatologist with proven track records and experience.

Clinically Tested

Our clinical tests are done by purely independent and established research institution and according to established dermatology assessment standards recognized internationally.

Proven, time-tested and safe-sources of ingredients

We use proven and natural active ingredients, which are supported by numerous scientific and clinical research and are well-known universally not only for their positive properties in relation to skincare but also for their time-tested safety record. These natural ingredients are sourced from countries reputable for their quality and safety standard and clean environment.

Our Scientific/Clinical and Balanced Approach

Oilum products are made to meet the clinical needs of people seeking dermatological solutions for their skin conditions. As a pharmaceutical company, we believe that simply putting together all the ingredients into a production process won’t make a useful products, hence we take further steps by making sure that the ingredients of Oilum products are stored, prepared, screened, and processed in a way that ensures the benefits are maintained during the production process and the finished product is tested again according to certain dermatology parameters for the desired results. We also believe that individual skin’s natural balance and mechanisms are important things to be given respect, therefore we refrain from making products that are extreme or interfering too much, hence our products are formulated with a purpose that is to provide necessary protection and environment that facilitates the skin to regain its own natural and unique balances.